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Legal Services

Michael E Walter offers comprehensive legal services to individuals throughout Suffolk County. With extensive, practical experience, feel at ease knowing our reputable lawyer will go above and beyond to deliver the personal attention you seek to get you through your case. We regularly represent a wide variety of clients in many different matters, providing a full range of legal services including:


 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 — Bankruptcy in Port Jefferson, NY
Don't let yesterday's struggles ruin your financial future. Michael E Walter can help you get financial relief through a bankruptcy filing in Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens. Our expert legal team can help you find the solution that's best for you and your unique situation. You don't have to keep struggling under impossible debt. By filing for bankruptcy, you can put your debt behind you and focus on building a stronger financial foundation for your future. The most common form of bankruptcy is Chapter 7, which relieves or eliminates unsecured debts and medical bills. We can also help you modify your secured debt to get out from under the impossible weight of your current debt obligations. Ask us if we can help you stall a foreclosure or get a mortgage modification so you don't lose your home.

Real Estate

 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 — Bankruptcy in Port Jefferson, NY
Whether you want to buy your dream home or sell your existing property, rely on real estate attorney Michael E Walter in Port Jefferson, New York. Michael E Walter has been practicing real estate law in Suffolk County for more than 35 years and continues to provide valuable advice on an ongoing basis. Put experience on your side by hiring our reliable legal representative Michael E Walter to handle all of your real estate law needs. Buying or selling your first home can be an overwhelming process, but we work hard to make your experience stress-free. Our knowledgeable staff takes pride in offering you complete assistance to prepare you for any legal obstacles you may encounter, and we strive to help you achieve a positive outcome.

Landlord and Tenant

Issues involving landlords and tenants typically concern the non-payment of rent or the misuse of property by the tenant. It can also involve the failure of the landlord to perform his or her obligations, including maintenance of the property and providing a safe place to live or conduct business. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, we are committed to your legal success. Michael E Walter assists with deeds and landlord tenant law. Put experience on your side by hiring a reliable legal representative in Suffolk County to handle all of your landlord-tenant problems. Michael E Walter caters all of his services to best suit his client's needs.

Misdemeanors and Violations

 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 — Bankruptcy in Port Jefferson, NY
Good people make mistakes, often getting them caught up in the complicated legal system. Michael E Walter, a reputable attorney in Suffolk County, understands the legal system well, and is ready to assist you. Contact his law firm when you or a loved one is charged with a misdemeanors or violation, and he'll defend your rights and freedom aggressively. When you've been accused with a violation, turn to Michael E Walter for defense. Michael E Walter uses his extensive knowledge and experience to fight for your rights. Even minor criminal matters have serious consequences. When facing charges, rest assured that Michael E Walter offers the personalized representation you need.

Wills & Estates

Probate and Administration are the legal processes by which assets from a deceased family member or loved one are distributed among their beneficiaries. It typically accompanies a situation involving painful emotional loss. Dealing with the distribution of your loved one's assets, especially in the case where they did not leave behind a will, can add stress to an already emotional time. Michael E Walter can ease the stress of probating your loved one's estate.

Corporate and Business

 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 — Bankruptcy in Port Jefferson, NY
Set your company up for success with business and commercial law services from Michael E Walter. Special types of laws affect businesses, and may depend on what form the business chooses to operate under. Other issues involve general day-to-day operations and contract matters that might be the same whatever form you take. The start of a business venture is the best time to make many important decisions. There are several forms of business entities in New York including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, close corporations, and limited liability corporations. With more than 35 years of experience, Michael E Walter has developed a strong reputation as an assertive lawyer who provides diligent and thorough work. We give you and your business the peace of mind that can only come from working with an established law firm that is dedicated to your success.